Valley of the Temples

Declared by UNESCO to be a World Heritage Site, the Valley of the Temples archaeological site is a unique place in which to lose yourself. Here you will be met by a timeless landscape, full of rarefied and mystic silence, which recalls the wondrous Peloponnese archaeological sites.

One thousand three hundred hectares of land where only age-old almond and olive trees grow, the natural guardians of the remains of ancient Akragas, one of the most important Greek colonies in Sicily, founded around 582 B.C.

Traces of this ancient splendour can still be seen in the sanctuaries, the necropolises, the agora and the temples, built mostly in the fifth century B.C., during the years of the democracy established by the philosopher Empedocles.

Information on the Valley of the Temples Park:

Opening times:

Archaeological Area: Every day from 8.30 to 18.30

Ticket price:

Eastern hill, area of the Temple of Zeus and the Roman Hellenistic district, (except for the Fragapane grotto and the Early-Christian Antiquarium): full price: €10.00 - reduced price: €5.00

Park-Museum Visit: full price €13.50 - reduced €7.00

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