Villa Athena SPA is the result of the transformation of an ancient building which was used for the storage of wheat and oil made from olives harvested in the surrounding Valley of the Temples.

It is built around an ancient Greek cistern in which water was collected. Traces of the Roman and Christian periods are still evident and continue to narrate the history of this ancient site.

Ancient earthenware dating back to the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries have been recovered and restored and find their greatest splendour inside our SPA, where culture, technology and expert manual techniques come together in a surprising way.

In the refined wellness area, the best manual techniques are coupled with an extraordinary synthesis of colours and aromas, in harmony with the fruits of the Valley: from the sweetness of the almond to the vigorous aroma of citrus fruits, natural sources of health for the body.

In Villa Athena SPA’s relaxing environment, in an ambiance of great intimacy where to free yourself from stress, a balance between body and mind is achieved by taking a variety of intense perfumed showers, soaking in a relaxing Jacuzzi, letting yourself be enveloped by a warm steam bath and then reclining while leisurely sipping an infusion or a herbal tea.

A person-centred approach is achieved using various techniques of personalised massage (alone or in pairs): relaxing, balancing, refreshing, tension-relieving, draining, sports, detoxifying with scrub, a combination of aesthetics and wellbeing for the face and body, 

The treatments are available on prior booking.

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