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Hotel Villa Athena - Sushi Chef  2

Sushi Chef

Ferdinando Arcoleo

 "My name is Ferdinando Arcoleo and I am an expert in oriental culture with an innate passion for Japanese art and culture. I studied karate and Japanese cuisine with masters Kenzo Fujioka and Toyozo Fujioka, working in their restaurant opened in Palermo over 20 years ago. Thanks to them, I lived three years in Japan, where I deepened my knowledge in the Japanese culinary arts.

More recently, I specialized in the art of sushi with master Abiko Susumu, with whom I worked for four years in Palermo. Since then, I have worked as a sushi chef, perfecting my skills until arriving in Agrigento in 2017, where the culture of sushi made in a certain way was not yet present."

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Renamed the City of Temples for its numerous Doric temples and described by Pindar as 'the most beautiful city of mortals', Agrigento is rich in history and culture.

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